Coming soon: VeriXiv

Launched by F1000 and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, VeriXiv is a new verified preprint platform that improves research integrity while enabling the rapid availability of research.

VeriXiv will support researchers in complying with the Gates Foundation’s refreshed open access policy which requires all their funded research to be published as a preprint from January 2025.

Preprints are the version of a research paper shared before peer review and publication in a journal. While preprints make the latest research available more quickly, their growing use in sharing findings ahead of peer review has added to concerns about the potential for disseminating misinformation. To support greater research integrity, VeriXiv will conduct rigorous pre-publication checks. Each VeriXiv submission will undergo twenty ethics and integrity checks to assess a range of issues, including plagiarism, image manipulation, author verification, and competing interests.

In addition, open research transparency checks will also check whether the data is available in an appropriate repository and whether methods have been included to support reproducibility. Each preprint will have clear labeling so that readers know the level of verification conducted on the article and which levels have been passed.

VeriXiv will be open for submissions from August 2024.

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About F1000

F1000 provides innovative open access publishing Platforms offering rapid publication and open peer review, whilst supporting data deposition and sharing for the research community. F1000’s own publishing Platform, F1000Research, was launched in 2013 and was the first open research publishing Platform combining the ability to publish rapidly with functionality to ensure transparency, robustness and reproducibility of research.

Building upon the growth and success of its core Platform, F1000 also provides fully managed, open research publishing services directly to research funders, learned societies and institutions, including Wellcome, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the European Commission. F1000 Research Ltd is wholly owned by Taylor & Francis, an Informa Group company.