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Open access publishing solutions for research organizations and funders 

F1000 is a digital publishing solutions provider, offering a range of products for organization's to provide their researchers with rapid, transparent, and open access publication.


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While the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we live and work, it also has given rise to rapid technological advances and innovations necessary to help us thrive at the height of the information age. 

To support research institutions navigating the fast-evolving future of academic publishing to support their faculty and researchers, F1000 has compiled an open research toolkit tailored to research organizations and funders.

In our toolkit you will find:

  • The Future is Open: Evolution of Scholarly Research in the Information Age whitepaper that explores current trends and opportunities in open research and scholarly publishing
  • F1000: Open access publishing solutions for institutions and funders
  • Elixir case study: Collaborating with a publishing partner  
  • Open research in action: introducing our new Open Research Africa Platform (video)
  • Open Research Africa brochure 

F1000 solutions

We co-create our partnerships to align with your organization's goals. This may include:

  • Collections -  A compilation of research articles grouped together on F1000Research. They aim to comprehensively cover a topic or research question of interest.
  • Gateways - A branded hub for peer-reviewed and non-peer reviewed articles and outputs all in one place.
  • Platforms - A branded publication platform powered by F1000’s infrastructure and advanced editorial services.
  • Open Plus Books - A open access book that is published as a fusion of the open access books model and F1000’s open research publishing model.
  • Institutional partnerships - An agreement for APC prepayment or a pay-as-you-go option.

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