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The Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) is an international association promoting excellence in education in the health professions. AMEE’s specialist practitioner journal, MedEdPublish, has used an open access, open peer review model since its founding. 

Now in partnership with F1000, MedEdPublish complements AMEE’s other publications, including Medical Teacher, and continues to grow its open research footprint.

In these short videos, AMEE speakers share their experiences with MedEdPublish, and the benefits of open research publishing for researchers and society members.



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Transparency through open peer review

Learn why MedEdPublish chose open peer review — an innovative model that supports transparency, reproducibility, and constructive feedback.

Adding value for early career researchers

Early career researchers can rapidly publish a range of peer-reviewed article types, as well as conference posters, slides, and more.

An author’s experience with open research

As MedEdPublish author Dr. Lorna Davin attests, open publishing facilitates conversation, peer engagement, and public impact.

Society publishing options with F1000

By partnering with F1000, AMEE will benefit from end-to-end editorial support and a discoverable publishing platform.

Featured in this video series: Claire MacRae, Education Officer, AMEE | Prof. Richard Hays, Chair of the Advisory Board, MedEdPublish | Dr. Julie Hunt, Advisory Board Member, MedEdPublish | Dr. Lorna Davin, 2019 Best Article Winner, MedEdPublish


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