F1000 at SARIMA

Open access publishing solutions for research organizations and funders 

F1000 partners with a wide range of institutions, societies, associations, corporates, and funding organizations around the world to create high-quality, open research publication venues that meet researchers’ needs.

We partner with organizations to share a set of common goals: to remove unnecessary barriers and delays researchers face when sharing their findings, and to ensure rapid and easy access to research that accelerates its use and potential impact


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Open Research Africa (ORA)

ORA is an open research publication platform for African researchers to publish their findings

Working with the Science for Africa Foundation, and building on the success of AAS Open Research, Open Research Africa is powered by F1000's technical infrastructure and editorial services.

The Platform will offer researchers a fully open access publication process by utilizing the innovative F1000 model. We want to engage with partners throughout Africa to bring to life our mission for Open Research Africa and to allow as many African researchers as possible to publish on the Platform.

F1000 has compiled an open research toolkit specifically for SARIMA delegates.

In our toolkit you will find:

  • The Future is Open: Evolution of Scholarly Research in the Information Age whitepaper that explores current trends and opportunities in open research and scholarly publishing
  • Elixir case study: Collaborating with a publishing partner  
  • Open research in action: introducing Open Research Africa Platform (video)
  • Open Research Africa brochure 

F1000 partnerships 

If you would like to discuss partnering with F1000 or Open Research Africa, please speak to Roscoe Concer at SARIMA at the F1000 and Taylor & Francis booth.