Routledge Open Research

Coming soon in 2022

An Introduction to the new Routledge Open Research Platform

We are excited to introduce Routledge Open Research, a new publishing platform dedicated to researchers in Education, the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.    

Launching in April 2022, Routledge Open Research will combine F1000’s innovative publishing model and technology with Routledge’s global reputation and reach to offer the first dedicated open research platform for HSS scholars. 

Routledge Open Research will deliver a dynamic and streamlined publishing experience, enabling authors to publish all their research outputs quickly, openly, and transparently in a single, inter-disciplinary venue. 

The new platform will host a range of content types, including Open Plus Books (launching autumn 2022), peer-reviewed Research Articles, Policy Briefs, Method Articles, Case Studies and more. All research will be published open access.

This digital transition helps Routledge Open Research to further support the HSS community’s mission to influence research, policy and practice to make a real-world impact

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What are the benefits?

Routledge Open Research will enable authors to publish a wide range of content types open access, meaning each research output will be free to read, share and cite

Routledge Open Research will offer rapid turnaround times, combining the benefits of pre-printing (fast publication with no editorial bias) with mechanisms to assure quality and transparency. These include invited and open peer review (optional for books), article versioning, archiving and indexing.  

Scholars will also benefit from the new publishing concept, Open Plus Books, which will enable authors or book editors to publish a book open access first on the open research platform within just a few days of submission. 

Routledge Open Research will endorse the FAIR Data Principles and so authors will be able to share their underlying data, accelerating the pace of discovery, providing credit and recognition for authors, and improving public trust in research. 

Who is eligible to publish on this platform?

Routledge Open Research will be available to all researchers in Education, the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.  

About Taylor & Francis Group

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About F1000

F1000 fosters a culture of innovation to accelerate the reach of knowledge and put it in the hands of those who will shape the future. They achieve this through providing open research publishing platforms and services to research funders and institutions, including the European Commission, Wellcome and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as directly to researchers through its own open research publishing platform, F1000Research. 

F1000 is wholly owned by the Taylor & Francis Group. 

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