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The Future is Open:

Evolution of Scholarly Research in the Information Age

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way we live and work, it also has given rise to rapid technological advances and innovations necessary to help us thrive at the height of the information age. For researchers studying the pandemic and other pressing topics at research institutions around the world, the universe of scholarly publishing and research dissemination has been no exception, at a time when unfettered access to information and rapid, transparent publication has never been more important.

To support research institutions navigating the fast-evolving future of academic publishing to support their faculty and researchers, the pioneers at F1000 convened a panel of research development and open science experts to discuss current trends and opportunities in open research and scholarly publishing. Their exclusive whitepaper: The Future is Open: Evolution of Scholarly Research in the Information Age, is now available at no cost or obligation.

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Important insights for research professionals

This white paper includes valuable information, such as:

  • Why the open science movement is gaining momentum around the world.
  • How funder and government regulations are fueling research developments and scholarly publishing trends.
  • How researchers and their institutions benefit from the sharing economy.
  • Expert predictions for the future of academic publishing.
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Watch our exclusive webinars for research professionals for a lively, interactive discussion around open science, research development, innovation, collaboration, trends and opportunities in the industry. All to better quantify and communicate your institution's research beyond just funding and dollars earned.

Key Trends and Challenges

Navigating the Future