Webinars for researchers

Practical guidance for putting open research principles into practice

Publish your research openly

We’re delighted to share the F1000 open research webinar series for researchers.

Here, you can access all our previous webinars on demand and gain valuable insights into the key pillars and practices of open research, including:

  • Open peer review

  • Open data

  • Reproducibility

  • Research integrity

How to influence policy and practice with your research

Research is indispensable to policymaking. How can you make yours stand out?

Here, Amy Milligan (Associate Publisher, F1000) and Callum Scott (Content Acquisition Editor, F1000) provide guidance on how to best communicate your work to policymakers and showcase examples of research informing policy from F1000.

Sharing sensitive research data: what you need to consider

Sharing data openly raises questions when it comes to research involving human participants.

In this session, Dr. Rebecca Grant (Head of Data & Software Publishing, F1000) discusses how to share sensitive research data in legal and ethical ways.

Improving reproducibility through diverse research outputs

Why is reproducible research more important now than ever?

In this webinar, Jack Brook (Associate Publisher, F1000) and Tom Sinden (Publishing Executive, F1000) discuss how utilizing a diverse range of research outputs can help improve the reproducibility of original research.

Data reuse success stories: how to ensure your data is reused

Are you making an impact with your research data?

In this session, Rebecca Grant (Head of Data & Software Publishing at F1000) and James Barker (Associate Publisher at F1000) share data reuse success stories and reveal how researchers can maximize their data’s potential reuse.

Open data in the humanities and social sciences

Watch our webinar with expert speaker Dr. Rebecca Grant to:

  • Get practical guidance on data sharing

  • See examples of open data in practice

  • Discover the benefits of sharing data openly

Open, transparent publishing and research integrity

In this webinar, the F1000 peer review and editorial team discusses how open research can help uphold research integrity through:

  • Ethics policies

  • Robust, open data requirements

  • Open, post-publication peer review

Open data in the COVID-19 pandemic

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way data is shared?

In this webinar, James Barker (Associate Publisher, F1000) shares tips on how to make your research data openly available and insights into the latest data sharing trends.

Understanding peer review and how it works

How much do you know about peer review?

In this session, peer review experts Diana Marshall (Head of Reviewer Programmes, Taylor & Francis) and Lewis Willer (Senior Editorial Assistant, F1000) give an overview of the different types of peer review, including the post-publication, transparent peer review model we use at F1000.

    Open peer review: essentials for reviewers

    What is open peer review? How does it work? And what are the benefits?

    In this webinar, Joe Kelly (Associate Editorial Assistant, F1000) introduces the basics of reviewing openly, including how to write constructive peer review reports and its benefits.

    Applying open data principles to the humanities and social sciences

    How can open research support research integrity

    Three essential takeaways from our peer review webinar