F1000 open research publishing partnerships

F1000 partners with organizations and funders, creating open research publishing solutions to showcase their research output and demonstrate their commitment to fast, transparent publishing principles.

At F1000, we understand the diverse needs of the research communities in which we operate, so we work with your organization to explore its needs before offering bespoke services tailored to your unique requirements. To explore some of the ways we work with organizations, read below.


Why F1000?

Since launching our flagship F1000Research open publishing Platform in 2013, the experts at F1000 have continued to innovate. Now part of Taylor & Francis Group, F1000 works closely with research organizations and researchers around the world to help bring their academic publishing needs to life. Our mission is to foster a culture of innovation that accelerates the reach of knowledge and puts it in the hands of those who are shaping the future.

Publishing with F1000

F1000 powers open access publishing Platforms for scientists, scholars, and clinicians, offering rapid publication of articles and other research outputs without editorial bias, while maximizing the use, re-use, and potential impact of your research.

F1000’s transparent, rapid publishing Platforms combine the rapid dissemination and transparency benefits of pre-print servers with the rigor and credibility of published work. Unlike traditional academic publishing venues, F1000’s Platforms welcome submissions of all types of original research, including confirmatory and negative results and null studies, all free from editorial bias. By offering a wide range of peer reviewed article types, researchers can publish articles and related content at every stage of the research life cycle.


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F1000 Platforms are independently operating, branded publication venues that are powered by the same innovative infrastructure and sophisticated editorial services that underpin F1000Research. Each partner Platform has its own unique ISSN and offers the ability to host their content- or community-based Gateways or subject-based Collections, just as F1000Research does.

As comprehensive, open research-based publishing venues, F1000-powered Platforms are best suited to organizations with large research outputs and the desire to expand the impact of their work with all the benefits of the F1000 publishing model.

Current Platforms powered by F1000 include: Open Research Europe operated by the European Commission, Gates Open Research, and Wellcome Open Research. 


F1000 Gateways are thematic or community-based, open research content hubs situated within an established F1000-powered publishing Platform (F1000Research, Routledge Open Research, and others). Gateways offer organizations, societies or research communities fully-hosted and branded publication venues that adhere to all of the core tenets of rapid, open and transparent research that underpin the publishing Platform in which they are situated.

F1000 Gateways are best suited to organizations or communities with a strong open research objective seeking an established, quality open publishing venue for their scholarly content.

Current F1000 Gateway partners include: Elixir, University of Tsukuba and Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Institutional agreements

Whether in conjunction with or in addition to an F1000 Platform or Gateway, F1000 partners with institutions, organizations, and communities that wish to support their researchers’ efforts toward a more rapid, open and transparent research publishing future by offer customized prepayment or pay-as-you-go payment options for article processing charges (APCs) that offer a seamless experience for researchers, reviewers and administrators.

Institutional agreements with F1000 are best suited to organizations that desire to support their researchers’ efforts to publish their research open access.


F1000 Collections are compilations of research articles grouped together by subject matter within an F1000 publishing Platform. Collections aim to provide comprehensive, thematic coverage of a topic or research question of interest to specialized communities.

Collections are best suited to organizations that aim to publish a range of content on a particular subject or theme, or that desire to collaborate with other organizations on their research.

University College London is an example of a Collection partnership on F1000Research. 

Affiliate partnership

F1000’s affiliate partnerships are formal associations between the organization and F1000’s broad, subject-based, thematic Gateways or Platforms owned by F1000.

This option is best suited to organizations that are a specialists in their industries that are seeking to partner with a credible publisher to demonstrate commitment to the tenets of rapid, transparent and open access publishing while increasing brand reach and recognition.

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) partnership is an example of an affiliate. 

F1000 publishing process

1. Article submissions

All articles submitted for publication on an F1000 undergo a rigorous check by the in-house editorial team to ensure that all policies of originality, transparency and attribution are adhered to.



2. Publication data and deposition

Once in-house editorial checks are complete and authors have finalized the manuscript, articles are published within a week, enabling immediate and free viewing and citation.

3. Open peer review & user commenting

Once the article is published, expert reviewers are selected and invited. Once complete, reviewer reports, names and affiliations are published alongside the article, together with the authors’ responses and any comments from registered users who have viewed or interacted with the work.

4. Article revision

Authors are encouraged to publish revised versions of their article as their work continues. Once published, all versions of an article are linked for immediate viewing and made independently citable. Articles that pass peer review are then indexed in external databases such as PubMed, Scopus, and Google Scholar.

All aspects of the publishing process

Part of Taylor & Francis Group, F1000’s in-house team of publishing professionals have a wealth of expertise across academic publishing and open research. Through listening to what researchers need, our experts are committed to a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. When you partner with F1000, our experts manage as much or as little of the publishing process as you require.

We can also provide:

  • Submission assessment against editorial guidelines and quality standards
  • Production and typesetting management
  • Peer-review management
  • APC billing and collection

At F1000, we’re always willing to work with you on what you need, even if we don’t currently offer it. Complete the form below to talk with us about your open research vision.