Open research publishing Gateways

F1000 Gateways offer a dedicated open research publishing hub, to showcase your research outputs, hosted on our F1000Research platform.

Gateways are a powerful outlet for any organization aiming to support open science and transparency in research publishing. Simply, your Gateway will be your personalized open research hub, with immediate discoverability through F1000Research.

Why publish with F1000?

F1000 is an open research publishing platform for scientists, scholars and clinicians. We offer you rapid publication of articles and other research outputs without editorial bias, while maximizing the use, re-use, and potential impact of your research.

What’s more, our open research publishing solutions welcome the submission of all types of original research, including confirmatory and negative results, and null studies. By offering a wide range of peer reviewed article types, you are able to publish at every stage of the research life cycle.

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Promote the value of open research within your community and to the public.

Under our model, all sound research findings can be published and shared, with appropriate credit to each contributor.

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Community groups

Raise your profile and make it simple for your researchers to share their work openly.

We welcome all research contributions—if they are of value to your group or to the larger community, they are of value to us.

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Advance an open research agenda and show your grantees the value of open publishing. 

Our model ensures efficiency, as well as quality, throughout the publishing process, so you can make the most of every funded project.

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How Gateways work

F1000 Gateways are open research publishing hubs, tailored to your needs. We will brand and customize your Gateway to meet your specific requirements in both look and content. This means, you can save time and resources usually invested in traditional open research publishing models.

On Gateways, research is discoverable through a variety of browsing tabs. Here, you can feature scholarly articles and non-peer reviewed outputs, such as Policy Documents, Technical Reports, and Posters. Additionally, you can spotlight your latest submissions, themed areas, and links to conference or organization websites.

Key features

At F1000, we listen to what institutions, societies, associations, and researchers need. We partner with you to create your ideal publishing hub to help you achieve greater impact from your organization’s research projects. All while retaining and diversifying publishing revenue, through a range of business models to suit your organization’s needs. Gateways are hosted and powered by the F1000Research publishing system, from submission to indexing.

In addition, we offer:

    • Customization Your Gateway will be designed for your needs, to reflect your organization’s identity, and build areas to structure content around specific interests.


    • Publication with unique identifiers Through your Gateway you can publish conference proceedings and documents, with identifiers, so they can be cited by others 


    • Publication of a wide range of article types, from Data Notes and Software Tool Articles to Case Reports and Essays Our diversity of publication formats means that individuals in all research roles and at all career stages can get credit for their work, and tell the full story of their research.


    • Immediate indexing in a wide range of major bibliographic indexers, once an article has passed peer review We provided Indexing in Scopus and PubMed (where relevant) and Google Scholar, alongside extensive article information, to support the academic record and attribution.


    • Rapid, open publication of research findings Articles are published in as few as 14 days after submission, so that research can be built upon even faster.


  • Transparent post-publication peer review and article versioning Discover a post-publication, fully open peer review model which puts transparency and reproducibility at the center. This model also ensures we comply with open access mandates, including PLAN S.


Since launching the F1000Research open publishing Platform in 2013, the experts at F1000 have continued to innovate, working closely with research organizations and researchers around the world to help bring their publishing needs to life. Our mission is to foster a culture of innovation to accelerate the reach of knowledge and put it in the hands of those who will shape the future.

Our publishing process

1. Article submission

The in-house editorial team carries out a rigorous check on each submission to ensure that all policies are adhered to.



2. Publication data and deposition

Once the authors have finalized the manuscript, the article is published within a week, enabling immediate viewing and citation.

3. Open peer review & user commenting

Expert reviewers are selected and invited. Their reports and names are published alongside the article, together with the authors’ responses and comments from registered users.

4. Article revision

Authors are encouraged to publish revised versions of their article. All versions of an article are linked and independently citable. Articles that pass peer review are indexed in external databases such as PubMed, Scopus, and Google Scholar.

We oversee all aspects of the publishing process

Our in-house team of publishing professionals have a wealth of experience across publishing and open research. Through listening to what researchers need, our experts continually adhere to our culture of innovation and improvement. When you partner with us, we manage every step of the publishing process and your Gateway’s development.

Furthermore, we provide:

  • Submission assessment against editorial guidelines and quality standards
  • Production and typesetting management
  • Peer-review management
  • APC billing and collection

We’re willing to work with you on what you need, even if we don’t currently offer it. So please talk to us about your vision for your Gateway and open research publications. We value continuous innovation and encourage dialogue with our customers to ensure we offer just what you need—or might need next.