Bioethics Open Research

Coming soon in 2022

An introduction to the new Bioethics Open Research Platform

Taylor & Francis is launching an exciting new publishing Platform, Bioethics Open Research, utilizing its open research publishing arm, F1000, and their innovative publishing model. The new Platform is dedicated to researchers in Bioethics and related fields. The American Journal of Bioethics will join the Platform as the first affiliate partner with their own research Gateway.  

As well as traditional Research Articles, Bioethics Open Research will host a variety of non-traditional article types including Method Articles, Study Protocols, Data Notes, and more. The Platform also provides the option to publish non-peer reviewed materials including posters, slides, and other documents, with all research published open access. 

Additionally, the Platform will introduce Commentaries, an article type that reports critical commentaries of articles published on Bioethics Open Research. They provide an opportunity for authors to express and interpret ethical issues raised by articles on the Platform, with these Commentaries not only undergoing open, post-publication peer review, but also benefiting from community review via the comment function. 


What are the benefits?

The new Bioethics Open Research Platform utilizes F1000’s trailblazing technology, enabling authors within the bioethics community to rapidly and openly publish all of their research outputs. The Platform has several benefits and enhancements for authors, including: 

Rapid and transparent publishing - Bioethics Open Research offers an author-centred experience that maximizes the discoverability of your work. 

Article diversity - Many article types are supported, including traditional Research Articles and non-traditional formats such as Data Notes and Method Articles, with the option to publish non-peer reviewed materials including posters, slides, and other documents. No matter what form your research takes, it has the potential to make a real-world impact. 

Post-publication peer review - Using F1000’s innovative publishing model, Bioethics Open Research puts transparency centre-stage, creating a constructive and collaborative conversation within the research community. The peer review process is fully open, as each peer review report, plus the decision status selected by the reviewer, is published with the reviewer's name and affiliation alongside the article.  

Increased visibility – Publishing your research openly means anyone, anywhere can discover your research. As an interdisciplinary Platform, Bioethics Open Research can help raise your profile within your field of research and across other disciplines. 

Who is eligible to publish on this platform?

All researchers across bioethics and related fields. Submissions from multi- and cross-disciplinary research projects are also welcome. 

Become an affiliate partner of Bioethics Open Research

With the support of our first partner, The American Journal of Bioethics, and future affiliate partners, Bioethics Open Research seeks to be a leading publication hub within the interdisciplinary bioethics community.  

Get in touch to learn more about how your bioethics society or organization can become an affiliate partner of the Platform and how it could benefit you and your members. 

About The American Journal of Bioethics

The American Journal of Bioethics (AJOB) is an international journal of bioethics that publishes leading research on current ethical challenges in the health sciences. AJOB has followed through on the innovative vision that built bioethics: serious discussion of the social implications of biomedicine. The journal provides an authoritative, annotated conversation that has been used by judges, senators, journalists, scholars, schoolteachers, and many others. For more information, visit the AJOB website. 

About Taylor & Francis Group

Taylor & Francis Group partners with researchers, scholarly societies, universities, and libraries worldwide to bring knowledge to life. We are one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly content spanning all areas of Humanities, Social Sciences, Behavioral Sciences, Science, Technology and Medicine. From our network of offices around the world, Taylor & Francis Group professionals provide expertise and support for Taylor & Francis, Routledge, CRC Press, F1000 and Dovepress products and services. For more information, visit the Taylor & Francis Group website. 

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